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5 grain roasted rice tea

5grain_roasted_rice_tea.jpg May 29, 2005 I was invited back to feed the novelists. This time I made a meal all about rice with sauce. I was thinking about American Diner food where each dish needs its sauce or it is almost inedible, ketchup, gravy, salad dressing, etc. I made most of the flavor for each dish in a sauce served on the side.

Even the beverage was a home made roasted 5 grain rice tea

table setting


rice paper place mat

California rice


with concentrated basil and parsley juice hint of anchovy


5 grain rice, sweet rice, popped wild rice


with slow cooked sweet onion and maitake mushroom sauce

Bismati rice


pudding, with cracked almonds, mascarpone, orange zest,
and seasoned caramel sauce

in the kitchen




FIAF Crossing the Line 2010

/Farm City Fair/

Sept. 12, 2010 (11am-5pm)

The Invisible Dog Art Center

Miwa is presenting a new flavor 'Bergen St.' of NY Flavors Ice Cream as part of this year's Crossing the Line Festival


Free Store

/NY Flavors Ice Cream /

Feb. 19th and March 20th

99 Nassau St.

Miwa is presenting a new flavor 'Wall St.' of NY Flavors Ice Cream at the opening and closing of the Free Store


/Unnatural Acts and other illicit thoughts about nature/

Jan. 2-15, 2009

Broadway Gallery

Small quick show in a venerable downtown institution

Peekskill Project08

/PET Project and NY Flavors Ice Cream /

Sept. 13 - Nov. 23rd 2008

Peekskill, NY

Miwa is installing some PETs on the piers and will be serving a new flavor of NY Flavors Ice Cream for 2 days at the opening

Working Space 08

/Curated by Tatiana Arocha/

Aug 2 - Sept 20, 2008

Cuchifritos Gallery and Project Space

Artists employing a wide variety of media, from AAI's Rotating Studio Program, Fall 2007 and Spring 2008. Curated by Tatiana Arocha


/Summer Invitational/

Jul 10 - Aug 15, 2008

George Adams Gallery

A New York Flavors Ice Cream performance at the opening of a show called "Cool" at the George Adams Gallery in Chelsea. Miwa will be serving a new New York Flavored Ice Cream "34th St Herald Square" (kimuchi !).


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